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PHAPPS Week is an umbrella event. We stimulate participants to host their own events and activities in the Brainport region during the week of 30 September – 4 October 2019.

Join forces with Photonics Applications Week and get access to global professionals both from the applications verticals (such as Health Care | IoT & Autonomous Systems | IT & Telecom | Agri & Food | Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 | Military | Consumer Electronics & Lighting) and from the Photonics industry.

  • Make use of the global marketing for this week, as your event is part of our international marketing campaign
  • Profit from high-level visitor overflow from other events, taking place during PHAPPS Week.

Type of event you can host
You are free to organise an event under the PHAPPS Week Umbrella, but you have to submit your event for evaluation. You can think for instance about the following type of events:

  • workshop
  • conference
  • hackathon
  • factory tour / application demo
  • matchmaking meeting
  • expo
  • technical meeting
  • photonics for dummie session
  • other

Getting to understand each other, the vertical / photonics professional
It is obvious that the level of knowledge on photonics amongst the professionals within the verticals varies enormously. The same counts for photonics professionals. So both sides have to be educated.Therefor it is important to have several type of events which can cover one or more of the following items.

For the Verticals professionals For the Photonics professionals
  • What is photonics: “Photonics for Outsiders”
  • What is the actual status of photonics for and in my vertical
  • What would I want to be solved?
  • How to learn the photonics professional to understand my vertical / industry
  • How to develop / create together new products for my vertical
  • Can we develop a product roadmap for short – long term
  • Next steps
  • How can Europe (H2020) / investors support us
  • How does the vertical operate or in other words understanding that industry: “Vertical for Outsiders”
  • What is the actual status of photonics for and in this vertical
  • How to understand what the vertical wants to be solved
  • How to develop / create together new products for the vertical
  • Can we develop a product roadmap for short – long term
  • Next steps
  • How can Europe (H2020) / investors support us

Submissions will be evaluated by the PHAPPS Week selection committee under the supervision of program managers. The PHAPPS Week Advisory Board fulfils an advisory role. Within one week, you will receive a response on your application.

Selection criteria
With the conviction that industries are constantly looking to solve problems for their customers / to improve their performance / to reduce costs /  to become more sustainable one one hand and that the photonics industry can support/solve these goals on the other hand, the selection committee examines all the submissions based on the following criteria:

    • The submission is related to one of the application fields and/or photonics related.
    • The submission is innovative and/or contributes to existing ideas and helps the industry (either from one of the application areas or from the photonics industry).
    • The submission is well-considered and thought out and ready for presentation.

The selection committee encourages submissions that originate from a cooperation between application areas, commerce, experts, photonics industry and /or knowledge institutes.

Costs of participation
Participants pay a contribution that depends on the event and the number of people (and/or events) that they register. This is exclusive of any other costs for the rental of locations and other production costs.

Participants who do not have a location of their own in which to hold their event will be offered an overview of guest locations after approval.

Deadlines for 2019 edition
01 November 2018
Open for submissions

31 August, 23.59 hrs
Deadline for submissions

From 20 June
Uploading text, images and information — important in connection with the incorporation in the public campaign, promotional channels and other publicity activities for PHAPPS Week

30 September – 4 October
Photonics Applications Week

If you want to host an event, please use the form below:

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