Networking dinner

The Photonics Applications Week aims to bring together professionals from the respective applications areas and professionals from the photonics industry.
They meet during the workshops / events / conferences and share knowledge, exchange ideas, create new product / service combinations in order to give the respective markets a business boost.


Meeting each other in a more relaxed creative environment is as important as well. During drinks and a dinner other topics will pass. Socialising is of paramount importance. That it the reason why the Photonics Applications Week team will organise the Networking dinner.
Not in a standard environment, but in the Kazerne in the center of Eindhoven. Kazerne offers a mix of restaurant, gallery, hotel and lab.

The dinner will start on October 2, 2018 at 19:00 and ends till everybody has gone (or when the Kazerne closes). Details about the menu will disclosed soon.

The dinner is on your own account.

You can register for the dinner here.

kazerne networking dinner

2500 m² of creativity, good food and drinks
In October 2014, just before Dutch Design Week, an international podium for the creative industries opened its doors in the heart of the design city of Eindhoven. Here, the world of art, design, knowledge and technique comes together with good food and drinks in a former military police barracks and the adjoining warehouse. A place where anybody passing, as well as those visiting more intentionally, are able to enjoy state-of-the-art presentations and exhibitions. Here, creatives from around the world will be able to meet each other and their clients all year round. Here, new concepts are developed in crossover labs.

kazerne restaurant networking dinner

kazerne expo networking dinner

Paradijslaan 2-8
5611 KN Eindhoven
The Netherlands
info (@)
+31 40 23 66 196

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Q-park Stadhuisplein
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P1 parking ‘t Hooghuis

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